Community mobiliser

I am Becky and I am your Community Mobiliser.

Most communities take years to grow and find their feet.

My role as Community mobiliser will be to bring about that stage much more quickly and to help to ensure that new residents feel part of a growing community that has services and links into the wider Arborfield area.

As a new resident you may face challenges such as getting to know the local area, understanding how services work, making new friends and becoming part of the new community.

My role is to help you.

I do this by meeting and engaging with residents moving into our new community, staying in daily contact with the site to find out about new developments and working closely with local parish councils, community organisations and residents alike.

I try to help keep the communication flowing.

I really want to help build an atmosphere through gatherings and events where all new Arborfield residents get to know each other and are able to take advantage of both the existing and new community facilities and to have an input on how these assets will be used in the future.