New Country Park

One of two new country parks at Arborfield Green, Hazebrook Meadows is the first to be completed with a public opening planned for late October. Designed by Muroch Wickham, the parkland will include a wealth of new habitat for flora and fauna, 2.5km of footpaths, ponds for frogs, newts and toads and a welcoming habitat for red kits, owls, kestrels and bats.

Still it its infancy, the park requires time to mature and in Spring 2017, the growing season should bring the greenery, shrubs and trees into bloom.  An exciting landscape for children to explore, walks to be taken and the progression of the habitat to develop, we hope to be marking the opening of the park in the Spring and launching activities such as guided walks, and nature rambles for you to enjoy.

Plan of Hazebrook Meadows
Plan of Hazebrook Meadows
Hazebrook meadows
Special nesting boxes have been provided for Red Kites, Owls and Kestrels